From Concept to Reality: Synthetic Lubricant Blending System

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

This project is a great example of the diversity of Midwest Machine.  Though mainly focused in the sanitary, meat processing industry, our abilities are not limited to any one area.  Take this project we did for a lubricant plant.

Their synthetic oil demand had outgrown capacity of their previous synthetic lubricant blending tank and they came to Midwest Machine for help.  We discussed project goals and limitations, and developed a plan to quadruple their production capacity.  The new system would allow for an excess of 10,000 gallons to be blended at a time.  Next, the new tank would be wrapped in steam heat coils and insulated for efficiency, and heavy duty mixing impeller would assist in blending the product. Finally, a controllable valve system would be able to divert product to several areas of the plant, depending on the plant’s needs for production.  After laying out the project requirements with the customer, Midwest Machine took ownership and began development. Computer image of the blend tank

Design Process

First, our engineering department created a SolidWorks CAD model for the synthetic lubricant blending tank and performed structural calculations for the work platform and tank mounting structure.

After all specifications were established and approved, the final CAD model was used to develop prints for production.  We shared these CAD models and prints with the customer before production to ensure customer satisfaction.



After approval of the production drawings, we began fabrication on the tank and platform.  With our wide range of capabilities, almost all of the components were completely produced in-house.

Photo of an oil blending tank platform being fabricatedPhoto showing the fabrication of an synthetic lubricant blending tank


After completing the tank and platform, Midwest Machine also did the full installation of the new system, plumbed it in, and removed the old blending tank.


By maintaining a strong team of engineers, automation experts, fabrication, and installation crews, we were able to take this project from the initial concept to full production as a turn-key solution for our customer.  For more information about our processes and how we can help your business, please see the Custom Machine Design page.