Custom Machine Design

Custom Machine Design Process

Our custom machine design department is dedicated to creating machines that fill a specific need. The machines we create are designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor and control processes and safeguard employees. No matter which area needs improvement, we have a solution for you.

We can look at a specific operation and address all of these concerns and apply that to a machine operation that would enhance your ability to perform certain tasks. Feel free to challenge us with your ideas.

Past Projects

Why Choose Midwest Machine?

There are several steps in creating a new machine, whether it is a new idea or an addition or modification to an old machine. First, we either take a rough, often hand-drawn, sketch from our customer or we draw a sketch ourselves of what the machine might look like with early dimensions.From that sketch, we create a very detailed and accurate draft of the machine in either AutoCad or Solid Works. We often have two dimensional and three dimensional drawings of the machine. We also create blown up sketches of a certain part of the machine that may be hard to see on the original draft.

Utilizing technology on the Solid Works program, we can create a custom animation of how the machine will run when it is finished based on the draft and certain commands needed for the machine to run properly.

Lastly, our employees take all of the drawings and animations we have made to create your machine for a finished product. Once the machine is built to your specifications, we will show you exactly what all is needed to run and maintain the machine. We can also do the installation for the machine if needed. We always make sure our customer is happy with their finished product.