Custom Machine Design

  • We develop new machines based on customer needs.
  • The machines we create are design to fit specific needs in order to increase efficiency, reduce cost, ensure quality, monitor and control processes, and safeguard employees.

Integrated Automation

  • We can design and build control panels
  • Supply stainless steel or fiberglass boxes to house wiring and panels
  • Supply/provide a wide variety of A/B products
  • We have full programming capabilities
  • We provide onsite troubleshooting for machines
  • We provide onsite installation of new and upgraded programming

Machine Shop

  • Our machine shop is equipped with a variety of machines including; (4) manual lathes, (3) manual mills, (1) CNC lathe, and (1) CNC mill.
  • Machinists are capable of accommodating the needs of each customer with efficiency and accuracy.
  • We are able to create new parts of repair old worn down machine parts.
  • ​Also located in the machine are our Brake & Shear to outfit any need for bending or cutting sheet metal.

Welding / Fabrication

  • Our welders are able to execute various types of welds including tig, mig and stick, as well as, an orbital welder for sanitary welds for food-grade sanitary pipe.
  • We have an experienced crew for onsite welding, fabrication, and installation of new equipment.
  • We have a select group of skilled welders who are certified by Arc Tech for SMAW DCEP Manual Welding.​
  • We have the materials and staff capable of building a variety of products including conveyors, awnings, platforms, and others.
  • We can build these products in our shop for you to pick up or for us to deliver and install to your location.
  • We are also able to fabricate these products at your location.

Water Jet

  • Capable of cutting virtually any material as big as 4′ x 10′ and 6″ thick!
  • The water jet utilizes a high pressure pump in order to create a pressurizes stream of water. An abrasive product, such as garnet, mixes with the stream and passes through a nozzle generating a coherent stream of abrasive particles moving at a high rate or speed.
  • We are able to cut small intricate designs to large scale parts from material such as steel, aluminum, granite and rubber to name a few.