Oscillating Carcass Spray System

The Midwest Machine antimicrobial beef carcass spray system provides an automated solution for washing carcasses during processing.  The unique tracking nozzles follow the carcass as it passes through the cabinet, ensuring constant contact.  By minimizing the spray of water or lactic acid into empty space, this system reduces the amount of the chemicals required.  Savings of 30-50% can be expected when compared to conventional sanitary meat spray systems because the standard Midwest Machine spray cabinet only contains 96 nozzles, far less than most competitors’ spray systems.  Available as a complete turn-key spray cabinet or set of spray bars to be retrofitted in your current cabinet.  Look no further than Midwest Machine for your antimicrobial intervention solutions.

Oscillating Carcass Spray System Features:

  • Uses 30 to 50% less water/chemical than traditional spray systems.
  • Built to spray carcasses with bacteria destroying chemicals on the exterior surface.
  • Allows the carcass to be sprayed by each nozzle.
  • May be installed in existing spray cabinets.
  • Complete Stainless Steel Construction.


Stainless Steel Carcass Spray Cabinet