Neck Bone Saw

Midwest Machine’s Automated Neck Bone Saw is a fully handsfree device utilized for the purpose of
removing the low risk meat and bone from the beef neckbone, and separating it from the high risk spinal
channel area of the bone. This allows the low risk material to be processed through lean meat recovery
systems without the SRM’s or Specific Risk Material associated with BSE or Bovine spongiform
The Automated Neck Bone Saw is built entirely from Stainless steel, and is a sanitary piece of equipment
designed for use in beef fabrication facilities. The saw, utilizing a heavy duty, stainless steel drive chain,
drives the neckbone, centered by the spinal channel on a center rail, through a pair of adjustable vertical
saw blades and one adjustable horizontal saw blade effectively removing the spinal channel area from
the material to be further processed. Basis testing results, the portion removed from the process can be
easily expanded or reduced in dimension in order to either reduce risk exposure or enhance the yield of
material to be further processed.
Midwest Machine’s Automated Neck Bone Saw is a safe alternative to the current process of using a
whizard or circular air knife to remove usable meat from the bone. It only requires an operator feed the
bone into the machine as opposed to the fine manipulation of a vibrating tool required in the current
process which has been proven to be a source of CTD’s or Cumulative Trauma Disorders.

Neck Bone Saw Features:

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 100% washdown capable
  • Easy operation


3D rendering of a neck bone saw