Gear Ram Stuffer

The gear ram stuffer is an electrically driven machine that stuffs product into a Cryovac bag with the use of a gearbox and motor.  The automated machine is operated with a knee switch but can also be used manually. The safety features are what sets Midwest Machine apart from the rest. The safety switch ensures operator safety by preventing the ram from operating if an arm is in the present in the funnel. The video below demonstrates this feature.

Gear Ram Stuffer Features:

  • Safe to operate
  • Electrically driven
  • Significantly lower utility costs (compared to pneumatic)
  • 5-6 sec cycle time
  • Multiple sizes (quick change funnel option also available)
  • Knee switch operation
  • Can be manually operated
  • Ram can be easily removed for cleaning

Computer Rendering of the Gear Ram Stuffer